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The Ultimate Checklist for Moving and To-Do Timeline Z Movers

Whenever we are trying to move from one place to another we always forget something. Don’t we?

It’s like there’s always something that we forget to bring on. It would be really good if there was a checklist for moving. A checklist that would help us to remember every little thing that should have been taken care of.

So, today we have a checklist for moving especially for you, a checklist to help you plan everything way before the moving day. Let’s dive deep into the checklist for moving interstate.

Here’s a checklist that is way before moving. A checklist that you should have at least a month ago.

Months before checklist

  • Planning the route
  • Decreasing unnecessary items
  • Prepare the paperwork (bank statement, government agencies)
  • Create a timeline

Weeks before checklist

  • Packing essential items(toiletries, meds, clothes, documents, laptop)
  • Look over medical records
  • Driver’s license & registration
  • Vehicle rental
  • Temporary housing plan

Days before checklist

  • Strategic packing
  • Furniture disassembly
  • Appliances cleaning
  • Final cleaning
  • Vehicle rental confirmation

Moving day checklist

  • Waking up early
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Strategic loading
  • Call friends & family
  • Safe lifting

Checklist to Do a Month Before

Plan your route: 

Before moving interstate or moving from one place to another you have to plan your route wisely. Considering you didn’t hire any professional movers like Z Movers.

So, you have to plan your route, the most efficient route, considering overnight stays if necessary.

Sometimes you’ll need to book hotels for any unfavorable situation. You never know what might go wrong in these situations.

Decrease belongings

Now there are many things that you might not need anymore. So, you might consider selling them or dumping them before you move out. You don’t want your landlord to complain about you and create a Hassle at the last minute. So, one thing that you can do is resell, and things that cannot be sold have to be dumped. I know this is a Hassle for most people. But hey you signed up for this hassle.

However, if you hire professional movers they will take care of things that you won’t need. So, you can leave all the thoughts to them.

Gather packing supplies 

Stock up on sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, blankets, rope, and labels. These will help you to gather things adequately. Otherwise, it’s such an unimaginable hassle. Consider using things that can be used over and over. 

This can also be solved by hiring professional movers. For example, Z Movers will help you do the packing too, just have a sweet talk and negotiate the payment.

Create a detailed timeline 

It is better to create a timeline for every step. For example, you should have a date and time when you’ll do the packing, when you’ll rent a vehicle and when to do the loading. I mean everything should be set to time to keep track and not get Lost. This has to be done way before the moving day. Make yourself organised if you’re planning to do everything by yourself.

Update important information 

Banks, credit cards, subscriptions, government agencies, employers, and healthcare providers (all need your new address & potentially updated information). 

This cannot be solved even by professional movers. You’ll have to do these by yourself. But these things need focus, otherwise you might forget to update something. It happens to me all the time. That is why I hire professional movers and keep myself busy with important work.

Weeks Before

Pack essentials bag: Pack first-day necessities like toiletries, meds, clothes, documents, laptop/tablet for entertainment. These are the things you should put in your weekly checklist. You may consider the laptop for work purposes. Other than that things that will be needed on the first day after moving out should be packed at least a week before.

Transfer medical records: Request copies from doctors & dentists for easy access in your new state. 

Focus on it, and keep it ready at least a week before to avoid the hassle of accessing a new state.

Update driver’s license & vehicle registration: Research potential car inspections/emissions testing requirements in your new state. This needs a bit of research. What you’ll do is create a checklist for the things that you’ll need in your research. Every state has its own rules and regulations regarding driver’s licenses and vehicle registration. Follow laws and orders to ensure a peaceful stay in New South Wales.

Secure vehicle rental: Reserve a truck or van based on furniture size and volume, and consider fuel efficiency and insurance coverage.

You can avoid the hassle of negotiation, and arguments with truck drivers just by hiring a group of professional movers. They have everything to take care of your transport.

Research & arrange temporary housing (if needed): sometimes, you’ll have to arrange hotels or other staying options. Be ready for these types of situations where your staying place may not be ready when you move out.

Days Before Checklist

Pack strategically: Heavier items in smaller boxes, label clearly with room & contents. Create an inventory list for insurance purposes. Trust me this will help you to reorganize everything at your new home.

Disassemble furniture: Label parts clearly for easy reassembly at your new home. Secure loose bolts/screws in separate bags. Labels are a must, must, must. I repeat this is a must, otherwise it will kill your time. Once I started to shout and be angry at my kids just because I couldn’t find the necessary items to reorganize things.

Defrost & clean appliances: Empty and clean the refrigerator, freezer, oven, and washer/dryer before packing. As a gesture of modesty and self-awareness, you should do this.

Schedule final cleaning (optional): Consider hiring professionals for a spotless handover and potential refund/deposit return. It’s not mandatory if you think you cleaned well enough. Don’t be a person who doesn’t clean a house before moving out. It’s not being human.

Confirm vehicle rental & double-check paperwork: Review dates, times, insurance coverage, and rental agreement details.

Moving Day:

Start your day early: Start early to maximize daylight and avoid traffic congestion. This is totally up to you, I like to start early.

Fuel up & prep the vehicle: Ensure proper tire pressure, oil level, and wiper fluid. Pack essentials like water, snacks, a first-aid kit, phone charger.

Load strategically: Put the heavier items first and towards the front for stability. Remember, do not put the heavier items towards the back of the truck. It will create instability and make it harder to ride. Secure furniture with rope and a blanket to prevent it from falling or shifting.

Try calling friends & family: Enlist friends and family for loading & unloading. Assign roles and designate breaks.

Lift with your legs: Use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with heavy items

One solution for all: There is a solution for the people who do not want to go through all this hassle. You can hire professional movers like z movers to help you move your equipment. You can let the professionals do what they are good at. In the meantime, you can focus on the more important things, and focus on your family. 

Before you plan to move interstate you need to create a moving interstate checklist. The checklist will help you organize things properly. This way you can manage your things easily, and move things easily. However, if you hire professional movers then you won’t have to worry about these problems. All you have to ask is how to move interstate and the rest you can leave up to them.


Whether you are moving temporarily or permanently there should always be a checklist for moving anywhere. The checklist will help you to understand which are the necessary things to be done. It also helps you to not forget the important works or things.

However, if you want to focus on your family and paperwork then do contact the professional movers.

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