So, you’re moving to the awesome Sydney suburb of Newtown! Congrats! This exciting new chapter comes with lots of fun things to explore, from delicious eats to cool shops. But before you hit the town, there’s the question of getting your belongings there.

We’ll guide you through the move, whether you’re bringing furniture, boxes, or even office equipment (hey home-based business owners!). We’ll tackle common challenges like stairs in apartments, narrow hallways, and busy streets. No sweat, we’ll get your stuff there safely so you can focus on what matters most – enjoying your new Newtown life!
So, relax, grab a coffee, and get ready for a smooth move to your new Sydney adventure!

Now let’s talk about some things to consider for your Newtown move. Many people plan to tackle it themselves, but there’s a key detail to remember: most Newtown houses don’t have elevators. Navigating stairs with furniture can be a real challenge. While it’s not guaranteed, there’s a chance of getting hurt, damaging furniture, or encountering unexpected difficulties.

Let’s explore!

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June 10, 2024

Laz and team were great! Even though it was raining, the move still went smoothly. Highly recommend!

Hannah Shipton
June 8, 2024

I would like to highly recommend Laz and his team! They have helped me move 3 times now and have always made the process super smooth. Always willing to help out and go the extra mile. Thanks again to Laz and Z movers!

Rebecca Maher
June 8, 2024

From start to finish, impressed me with their professionalism and efficiency. The team was punctual, handled my belongings with care, and provided exceptional customer service. Despite the challenges of moving day, they made the process seamless and stress-free. Plus, their pricing was reasonable. I highly recommend for anyone seeking reliable and top-quality movers.

Al L
May 27, 2024

Professional job, good bunch of guys and nothing was ever too hard. Will definitely be using this mob again.

Getting your furniture upstairs:

Stairway workout: Walk-up apartments don’t have elevators, so be prepared to carry your furniture yourself. This can be tough, especially for bulky items like couches or dressers. Here are some tips:

  • Recruit strong helpers: Ask friends for help who are comfortable lifting heavy objects.
  • Take it slow and steady: Don’t try to be a hero. Take breaks on landings and lift with your legs to avoid back strain.
  • Hire Z Movers: Z Movers are professional at their job, and they have the expertise to lift heavy furniture.

Tight spaces:

Mind the narrow hallways and doorways: Walk-up apartments can be tight on space. You might need to:

  • Take furniture apart: If a piece won’t fit through a doorway whole, see if you can unscrew some legs or detach cushions.
  • Get creative: Sometimes you can turn a couch on its side or an armchair on its end to fit through a tricky spot.

Parking puzzle:

Limited parking blues: Depending on where your new place is, there might not be a lot of parking nearby. This can make unloading a long walk. Here’s how to deal with it:

  • Ask your building manager: See if there’s a temporary spot you can use to unload for a short time.
  • Double-park carefully (if legal): If you can do it safely and it’s not illegal, this can give you a closer unloading zone. Just be sure to have someone watch your car so you can move it quickly if needed.

Potential challenges for all housing types:

  • Tight corners: Prefab terraces and Victorian terrace houses have tight corners. This makes it difficult to turn furniture, especially large furniture like couches or beds.
  • Weight restrictions: Some buildings especially the Victorian terrace houses might have weight restrictions on floors. So, you cannot bring too much furniture at the same time. Contact with the landlord and know about all the restrictions before moving to a new place.
  • Lack of loading dock: These houses likely won’t have a loading dock for professional movers to easily unload a truck. This means more manual carrying from the street.
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Tips for overcoming these challenges

Newtown sounds charming! Moving there must be filled with excitement and dreams for the future. But let's be honest, moving itself can be a headache. Disassembling furniture, hauling heavy boxes, and worrying about fragile items can steal the joy of your new adventure.
Here's the key: Don't let moving days turn into a struggle. With some planning (and maybe a few helping hands!), you can keep the excitement alive and make your move to Newtown smooth sailing.
  • Plan ahead: Measure your furniture and doorways beforehand to ensure everything will fit. Consider disassembling furniture if possible.
  • Recruit helpers: If you have strong friends on whom you can rely, it will take a big burden off your shoulders. And if you hire z movers all the burden will be off your shoulder.
  • Use dollies or moving straps: These tools can help you move heavy furniture more efficiently and safely.
  • Park strategically: Find the closest legal parking spot to minimize the carrying distance.
  • Take breaks and lift with your legs: Moving is tiring, so take breaks to avoid injury. Remember to lift with your legs to avoid straining your back.
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