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Are you in search of a removalist in Eastgarden? Then you got one, but at least know why you need a removalist in the east garden.
Eastgarden is a busy area, filled with people who love shopping. It has a massive shopping center in the middle of the city where you can find everything. People who do not want to roam much to buy their everyday necessities love to be in the east garden. However, as Eastgarden is a city that has a massive shopping centre in the middle of the city it gets quite busy every day. Especially around the mall, it is quite busy. You can find almost everyone coming by this mall, once a day.
Walking around the city is a good option, but it is difficult to navigate through this busy area. Moreover, finding a parking spot is extremely difficult here.

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Barbara Lacin
May 21, 2024

I couldn't say how happy I was, thank you so much Laz and vlad, you guys are so real ,you did your job without any issues, you deserve so much more money for all the work yous do ,thank you again ,I will highly recommend you and team to everyone 😊 God bless 🙌

Ryan Frost
May 21, 2024

Absolute legends! These guys made my move so easy and I couldn’t be more grateful. Moving day can be stressful, but Laz and the team got in, got the job done, no fuss, no stress. Couldn’t recommend Z Movers more!!!

Tanya Schubert
May 16, 2024

Awesome removalist!!! If there was more than 5 stars would give more!! Fast, efficient, professional and actually care about your furniture. 2nd time using them for my move and they are the only ones I would recommend. Huge thanks to Laz and Vlad

Jack Steele
May 16, 2024

Larz and Vlad made the move an absolute breeze. I was worried that the couch wouldn’t get through the door (and it didn’t) but Larz had a solution to put it through the balcony and it didn’t really chew up much of our time up. They also took great care shrink wrapping and using blankets, 10/10 for service and professionalism. Highly recommend. Cheers boys.

Why Moving Furniture is so Difficult in East garden

Eastgardens is a busy city with tight corners and narrow hallways. Navigating around this place is not so easy, even professional drivers need clarification sometimes.
Let’s see the challenges that you might face,

Tight corners and narrow hallways

Some apartment buildings in Eastgarden have narrow hallways. In these narrow hallways moving furniture can be tricky. 

Limited elevator space

Some houses in the East garden have really small elevator space. I personally faced problems when moving bulky furniture within the elevator. There were times when we had to use the stairs to move bulky furniture upstairs.

Parking limitations

finding a parking space for the moving truck on your moving day can be really stressful. Especially in a place near a busy shopping centre like Westfield Eastgardens, parking can be difficult to find.

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Moving to Eastgarden with all the bulky furniture and big trucks is not so easy. Many unforeseen problems are waiting on the roads of Eastgarden. Yes, you can do all this by yourself but it’s going to be stressful. Moving to a new place should be peaceful and exciting, and we can help you have that. Z Movers have the experience, equipment and manpower to move your belongings into a new place. No matter how bulky your furniture is, no matter how narrow those stairs are we will make it.

➤ Measure doorways and hallways: You can measure doorways, hallways and elevator dimensions in your new place to ensure that your furniture will fit through them. This is even before choosing the furniture, just take a measuring tape with you when visiting new apartments.
And if like most people you forget to measure it before and later find out that the stairs are way too small contact us. We will help you in any situation, we have the manpower to do these.

➤ Disassemble furniture if possible: if possible, disassemble large furniture pieces to make it easier to move through tight spaces. Our team will assemble and disassemble your furniture for your stress-free move.

➤ Plan your moving route before the moving day: You should plan your route to avoid dead ends or tight turns. As Eastgarden is a busy place filled with tight turns, you have to be careful always.

3 Tips to Avoid Problems During the Move to East garden

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